Why do I need a new website or a facelift to my existing website?

Why do I need a new website or a facelift to my existing website?

There can be numerous factors to get a new website or revamp the existing one; some of the essential factors to consider are as follows.


Mobile friendly and responsive:

People spend twice the time on a mobile device vs. computer and laptops; this choice gives the user the option to call immediately and inquire fast from the same platform. User-friendly interface.


Inquiry form module:

The website should have an option to capture lead and information from the potential customers via inquiry forms, and business owners can contact back with the potential clients. Its lead capture and conversion methodology.

Content Marketing

Smart and High-Quality content:

The website should have digitally smart and high-quality content like photos, infographics and videos. Less is more to obtain a clean and crisp look on the website (varies for different Industries and business models)

Social media markeitng image

Social media channel integration on the website:

The website should have a feature to connect with all the major social media channels: like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube, etc. It will give business owners the opportunity to stay connected with their existing customer base and future potential clients. You can show your new offer, share news, and upcoming events.


Customer Testimonial page

The website should have customers testimonial page which will demonstrate what your customers think about your service and business; this will show your business establishment is reputable and trustworthy.


FAQ page

Frequently asked questions? Yes, FAQ’s this will allow the website visitors to see the value you provide to your customers and your expertise. This feature can reduce the decision-making time for your customer and a quick sale for you.

The website is completed what’s next——– I have a stunning website, Is my website doing what it is supposed to do?

  • Is my website appearing on top searches on the major search engines?
  • Is my website helping people to know about my business on the internet?
  • Is my website helping me to get more phone calls?
  • Is my website getting more sales for my business?

How do I do this?

Objective,strategies, Functions, and Tactics

As a business owner, itis very imported for you to monitor the health of your business, ensuring all the necessary resources are available for all optional requirements including online sales and marketing campaigns. One can take online sales, marketing, and online visibility to the next level in digital space by hiring a group of professionals like:

  • Project Manager
  • Strategist
  • Content writer
  • Graphic designer
  • Seo Specialists
  • PPC manager
  • Front End developer
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager

It can be a very expensive solution which is not cost effective at all for small to medium size business owners. Alternatively, you can do it yourself; there are tons of thousands of online resources where you can learn all the skill required to perform these task it will take a lot of time really a lot of time and trial and errors. Once you master these skills will you have enough time to performs these daily on a frequent basis (sometimes daily basis) to keep your online presence on top? Million dollar question!

What do I do?

You can hire a digital marketing firm, which can be a cost effective solution and experts will do what they do the best, while you can focus on your business.

How do I choose a Digital Marketing Firm?

Choosing a digital marketing firm can be tricky, First things first choose a digital marketing firm which is honest and transparent. The company should have a clear strategy to develop your digital print on digital space and can explain and answer the import 5 Ws.

  • Whom are you dealing with, The digital marketing company should be able to tell their strength areas and key project.
  • What will they do to ensure that your brand is on top in the digital space arena? The Digital marketing company must have a clear Road map and a project plan.
  • When will the project start and when can you see the results timelines versus realistic milestones.
  • Where will these strategies impact? Online or offline and will they attract, engage and convert marketing model enable B2B and B2C to connect with prospect leads.
  • Why should I choose a digital marketing Firm for my business? The answer is simple; You do what you do the best, selling your products and services and keeping your business going and we will do what we do the best assist in enabling your business to go to the next level by increasing your business’s online presence and getting you quality leads, Its teamwork.

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